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Articles 2013

Research papers, published or accepted for publication in 2013. A.P. Marchenko, H. N. Koidan, A.N. Hurieva, O.V.Gutov, A.N. Kostyuk, C.Tubaro, S. Lollo, A.Lanza, F.Nestola, A. Biffis. N-Phosphorylated Azolylidenes: Novel Ligands for Dinuclear Complexes of Coinage Metals// Organometallics.–2013 . – Vol. 32.-P.718-721. F. Allouch, N.V. Vologdin, H.Cattey, N.Pirio, D.Naoufal, Ali Kanj, R.V.Smaliy, A. Savateev, A. Marchenko, A. Hurieva, H.Koidan, A.N. Kostyuk, Jean-Cyrille Hierso. Ferrocenyl (P,N)-diphosphines incorporating pyrrolyl, imidazolyl or benzazaphospholyl moieties: …Read More

Articles 2014

Research papers, published or accepted for publication in 2014. Shatursky, O.Y., Kasatkina, L.A., Rodik, R.V., Cherenok, S.O., Shkrabak, A.A., Veklich, T.O., Borisova, T.A., Kosterin, S.O., Kalchenko, V.I. Anion carrier formation by calix[4]arene-bis-hydroxymethylphosphonic acid in bilayer membranes (2014) Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 12 (48), pp. 9811-9821. Ryabukhin, S.V., Fominova, K.I., Sibgatulin, D.A., Grygorenko, O.O. Synthesis of three-dimensional fused and spirocyclic oxygen-containing cyclobutanone derivatives (2014) Tetrahedron Letters, 55 (52), pp. 7240-7242. Orysyk, …Read More


Institute of Organic Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine is one of the leading research institutions in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Its foundation is connected with the scientific schools of outstanding Ukrainian chemists, such as Corresponding Member of the AS of the USSR S.M.Reformatskii in Kyiv University and Academician of the AS of the Ukr.SSR V.G.Shaposhnikov in Kyiv Polytechnical Institute. The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the …Read More


Head of department: Dr. Alexander B. Rozhenko Department of physicochemical investigation (named before as Department of molecular structure and spectroscopy) was found in 1968. The founder and first head of the Department was Prof. Yu.P. Egorov. In 1995-2016 the department was headed by Dr. M.I. Povolotskii. Since 2016 Dr. A.B. Rozhenko is the head of department. The analytic laboratory headed by N.I. Kuznetsova is a constituent part of the Department. …Read More


The Department was founded in 1973 by Academician of the NASU L.M. Markovskii. Since 1988 Corresponding Member of the NASU V.I. Kalchenko is the Head of the Department. The staff of the Department is as follows: 3 Doctors of Science, 8 PhDs, 10 engineers and 3 technicians. The departments contains the Laboratory of Biomedical Researches headed by PhD. Roman V. Rodik. Staffs Dr Sci., Professor Vyacheslav I. Boiko, Dr Sci., …Read More