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  • Handling of gaseous reagents
  • Selective catalytic hydrogenation
  • Use of fruorinating reagents:

– Trifluoromethyl diazomethane
– SFin HF
– Antimony trifluoride
– DAST,  Morpho-DAST,  Deoxo-Fluor
– Alkylation with CF3I,  Halothane,  Freon-113

  • Multigram scale photochemistry
  • Handling of flammable reducing agents:

– LAH, DIBAL, AlH3, Vitride, L-Selectride, Super-Hydride, BH3

  • Use of flammable strong bases:

– LiHMDS, n-BuLi, s-BuLi, t-BuLi, MeLi, LDA, LTMP

  • Use of Mg, Al and Zn organo-derivatives
  • Handling of toxic organotin derivatives
  • Handling of Hg, Bi, Cd-reagents
  • Chemistry in liquid ammonia

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