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The Department was founded in 1973 by Academician of the NASU L.M. Markovskii. Since 1988 Corresponding Member of the NASU V.I. Kalchenko is the Head of the Department. The staff of the Department is as follows: 3 Doctors of Science, 8 PhDs, 10 engineers and 3 technicians. The departments contains the Laboratory of Biomedical Researches headed by PhD. Roman V. Rodik.

Head of the Department – Dr. Sci, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vitaly I. Kalchenko


Dr Sci., Professor Vyacheslav I. Boiko, Dr Sci., Professor Olexandr K. Yarosh, PhDr. Lyudmila I. Atamas, PhDr. Andriy B. Drapailo, PhDr. Olexandr A. Yesypenko, PhDr. Yuriy I. Matvieiev, PhDr. Olexandr V. Ruban, PhDr. Sergiy O. Cherenok, PhDr. Sergiy G. Vishnevskiy, Leading engineer Olga M. Denisenko, Ist Category engineer Lidiya S. Dovdop’yata, Ist Category engineer Darina S. Ternova, Engineer Andriy L. Boretskiy, Engineer Katerina A. Bretosh, Engineer Andriy O.Karpus, Engineer Kirilo A. Polishchuk, Engineer Lyudmila M. Savonik, Engineer Sergiy G. Kcharchenko, Engineer Anna D. Yampolska, Ist Category technician Tetyana I. Dopira, Ist Category technician Ganna O. Lisova, Ist Category technician Ganna S. Svyatnenko.

Main scientific directions. The research work is directed to the molecular design, synthesis and study of supramolecular interactions of crown-ethers, calixarenes, thiacalixarenes and calixresorcinolarenes.  The aim of investigations is creation of highly selective receptors of molecules and ions, approaching in properties to the natural enzymes, and search for their practical application.  Original types of three-dimensional macrocyclic compounds optimally prearranged for creation of supramolecular complexes with metal cations, anions and neutral organic molecules and bio-molecules, including ecologically hazardous and biologically important ones, have been synthesized.

Main scientific results. The investigations resulted in elaboration of new phosphorus-containing calixarenes which in 2-3 order of magnitude exceed the known industrial extractants (trialkylphosphineoxides, carbamoylphosphineoxides, 2-diethylhexylphosphorus acid) in selectivity and extractivity of actinides, lanthanides, platinum group metals, technetium (the main components of nuclear fuel waste).
Calixarenephosphonic  acids have been obtained. These acids effectively and (stereo)selectively inhibit alkali phosphatases, influence transportation of calcium in smooth  muscles, inhibit fibrin polymerization. These properties open paths for creation of API for medicine (in collaboration with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry of NASU and Palladin Biochemistry Institute of NASU).

Innovative researches

  • Effectors of Biochemical Processes
  • Modulators of Calcium Pumps in Membrane Cells
  • Cationic Calixarene Amphiphiles as Bactericides and Gene Expression Promoters
  • Calixarene Phosphine Оxide Binders of Actinides and Lanthanides
  • Enatiomericaly and Diastereochemicaly Pure Calixarenes for Chiral Technologies
  • Fluorescent Calixarenes for Chemo & BioSensors
  • Calixarene Sulfides and Thioles for Noble Metals Binding and Gold Surface Covering

More information for the innovative researches see in the Booklet Task Specific Calixarenes for Bio-Medical Research and HighTech Application


Сompounds which we synthesize

We are ready to perform a custom synthesis of the compounds from milligrams to kilograms quantities using our KILO LAB facility.

International projects

  • INTAS “Stereochemical Non-Rigidity and Photochromism of Four and Five Coordinate Metal Complexes”
  • INTAS “Allosteric Ionophores”
  • INTAS-UKRAINA “Detection of the Organic Solvents Vapors Using Composite Thin Films Based on Calixarenes and Conductive Polymers”
  • INCO-COPERNICUS “Development of Technologies on Efficient Decontamination of Radioactive Wastes Based on New Organophosphorus Ionophores”
  • STCU “Development and demonstration of high-level waste partitioning technology with the use of phosphorylated calixarenes”
  • STCU «Chiral calixarenes for design of hybrid organic-inorganic metallocomplexing catalysts of asymmetrical reactions”
  • STCU   Development of chemosensor materials and equipment for detection of toxic substances and pollutants in the environment”
  • STCU   «Phosphorylated calixarenes for selective extraction of actinides from radioactive wastes»
  • STCU-NASU   «Composite calixaren-based sorbents for determination of trace radionuclides in environment»
  • CRDF “Design, synthesis and properties of calixarene based metal-organic materials, calix-MOMs”
  • NASU-CNRS GDRI “Supramolecular systems in chemistry and biology”
  • NASU-CNRS “Task-specific ionic liquids for decontamination of radioactive wastes”
  • NASU-CNRS PICS “Amphiphilic calixarenes for delivery of nucleic acids and peptides”

Selected publications

Books and chapters in monographs:

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